Facebook Adds Single-Use Passwords and Remote Logout Features

The developers at Facebook sometimes add features that the people do not like or want. They are learning and they cant get them all right. This time in my opinion they got some RIGHT! These are two great features which are excellent for privacy and security.

facebook security

Facebook account activity

One-Time Passwords: You can now text “otp” (one time password) to 32665 (which corresponds to “FBOOK” on your keypad) from your cellphone and you’ll receive a temporary password you can use once and that expires in 20 minutes—perfect for times you’re accessing your account from a public computer.

Remote Logout: This one’s not brand new, but it is apparently rolled out to everyone. Say you logged into Facebook on a friend’s computer and forgot to sign out. With global logout, you can visit your Account settings, click the Account Security section to view what devices you’ve logged into Facebook with, and remotely logout from any device.

What is your opinion or thoughts on these new features?

Report shows how to get attention on Facebook

Facebook interaction graph

Facebook interaction graph

  • Study analysed tens of thousands of posts
  • Images rate better than text, videos
  • Friday is the best time for interaction

SICK of not getting enough comments on your status updates? No one liking your photos? Well it might be because you’re uploading them on a Wednesday afternoon.

In a study released by social media management company, Vitrue, how much attention your Facebook posts are receiving is dependent on what you posted and when you posted it.

Providing a How-to Guide for the attention-starved Facebooker, the report outlines that image and video are “superior to text-only posts”.

Proving the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, the study found that an image will get 22 per cent more likes and comments than video and 54 per cent more than a text-based post.

Fridays get the most interaction, while weekends get the least. The engagement increases 65 per cent if the post is made before noon. Probably due to people checking Facebook over their morning coffee.

The lack of activity on the weekend suggests that outside of Facebook, people possibly do still have a life, if not a work ethic.

The report was created for marketers and analysed posts for more than 100 randomly selected streams or pages, representing 42.6 million Facebook fans and 32,000 posts.

How to get a Vanity URL for your Facebook Page

Finding our Page on Facebook is easy.  We are at facebook.com/fbCustomz

How do you get your own cool Facebook URL?  It’s simple just follow these few steps.

1. First step get your page going…

If you haven’t already, create your Facebook Business Page by going to http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

Here’s the new Create a Page screen (as of this post).


2. Fill out the company info, add some content, upload a company logo, and go get at least 25 LIKEs…

Got 25 Fans?

3. Great, now let’s go get a new Vanity URL for our Page.

Be Careful, if you make a mistake there’s NO undoing it.  Make a critical mispelling error or choose the wrong name and your stuck with it.

Login as “you” then go to http://www.facebook.com/username/

Here you have two options, set a username for your Facebook Profile, or a username for a Facebook Page.


For your Page you will want to select it in the dropdown box. Enter your desired name for the Facebook Page. Be sure to check it twice, and finally confirm.  Simple enough?

Of course I highly recommend a Custom Facebook Fan Page so that when new people land on your page they land on a page designed to grab the visitors attention and convert them to a LIKE. Find out more on this by viewing our video on this page.

Are you looking for WordPress plugins for Facebook?

Facebook for WordPress Facebook is one of the largest social networking in the world and their users regularly update the status of their activities and share stories through Facebook.

By installing WordPress plugins for Facebook in your blog, you can easily share a posts on your Facebook account, share Facebbok comments, allow people to “Like” your posts, and much more.

Here are 6 WordPress plugins for Facebook that work well:

Note: We are considering making our own as some of these do not play well with one another and are lacking some of the additional functionality we would like to have. Nonetheless, they are nice plugins!

  • Add to Facebook: after you install these plugins, you’ll see at the bottom of each of your postings. By clicking plugins, users can add to the Facebook mini-feed users.
  • Facebook Comments: This WordPress plugin will import all the written comments on Facebook to your blog. With this plugin you will not lose any one comment on your posts and will automatically renew comment.
  • Facebook Dashboard Widget: If you’re like me, you’ll like to keep up with what your friends are up to but don’t always have time to check Facebook. Or maybe you’re just somewhere where access to the Facebook site is blocked. Work, school, etc. This plugin can display your Facebook friends status updates, posted items and/or notifications on your WordPress dashboard.
  • WP-FBConnect: adds Facebook functionality to WordPress using the Facebook Connect APIs. Features include:
    • Single-signon with your Facebook account
    • Publish comments to the newsfeed
    • Comment avatars display Facebook profile photos
    • Add a Facebook “Like” button to posts
  • Gigya Socialize: offers a secure login to register your blog users.
    • Authenticate users via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and many other OpenID providers
    • Promote user activity on social networks by enabling users to invite friends to your site
    • Increase site traffic by sending user status updates and newsfeed updates to Social Networks
  • Facebook Photos Plugins: with this WordPress plugin you can add images in your posts directly from yourFacebook albums with a variety of sizes.

65 Free Social Network Icon sets

social network icons - facebook - twitter

TemplateMonster has just released a list of FREE Social Networking Icon Sets for use on your blogs, websites, etc… These are some very nice sets and will fit almost any type of theme. These include Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and more.  Take a look and see if any of these will fit your website or blog. 65 FREE Social Network icon sets.

fbCustomz website

We have our new site for fbCustomz live now. This is to be fully integrated with our fbCustomz Facebook Page. We are still making some changes and adding more functionality. Stay tuned for some great tips and tricks to make your Facebook Business Page stand out from the rest.